pelat baja paduan cnc serat laser mesin pemotong drive ganda efisiensi tinggi

pelat baja paduan cnc serat laser mesin pemotong drive ganda efisiensi tinggi

Rincian Produk

Sertifikasi: ISO9001: 2008
Ketentuan Pembayaran & Pengiriman:
Kuantitas Minimum Order: 1 set
Harga: negosiasi
Rincian kemasan: kasus kayu
Waktu pengiriman: 15 hari kerja
Kemampuan Supply: 2000 sets

Deskripsi Produk Terperinci

Nama Produk:Mesin Pemotongan Laser SeratJenis Laser:Serat Laser
Daya laser:500w, 800w, 1000wArea kerja:3000 * 1500mm
Nama:Mesin Pemotong Laser Serat CncFitur:Kinerja Stabil, Efisiensi Tinggi Dan Biaya Rendah.

Features Metal Cutting Machine Fiber Laser

1. Laser
Adopting the world’s top fiber laser, stable performance, high efficiency and low cost.
2. Mechanical structure
With double drive closed-loop structure displacement, Y direction has a strong driving force and high speed, which can give full play to the high speed characteristics of fiber laser.
After two times of aging treatment, the structure of bed body is strengthened to ensure the stability and precision of bed body for a long time.
3. Control system
By using open CNC system provided by the top suppliers and integrating the company experience in laser industry for many years, the man-machine interface is so simple and more convenient to operate.
4. Follow-up cutting head
By using the follow-up cutting head of international famous brand, the laser is always in the focus position, can ensure the cutting effect.
5. Metal nesting software
The optimized software algorithm can save the material to the maximum extent. Integrated a variety of specialty metal cutting technology such as common edge,bridge and micro connection,the difficulty of operation is reduced, so that improves the material management function, make full use of waste materials and meet the management needs.
6. Auxiliary air blowing system
System combines high and low voltage conversion gas path and three gas source structure composed of high pressure air, nitrogen and oxygen, so customers can select the auxiliary gas according to the processing quality requirements and cost.
7. Lubrication system
The whole machine is equipped with lubrication system, which reduces the wear of moving parts and ensures the movement speed of the whole machine.
8. Editing system
The software supports the input and output of the general CAD format file (PLT, DXF, DST, AI, BMP, etc), as well as graphics editor (zoom, rotate, array, etc)function.

Konfigurasi utama

LaserLaser serat 800W1 SETMaxphotonics
Memotong kepalaKepala pemotongan khusus1 SETRayTools BT (Swiss)
Tempat tidur mesin1 SETCina
Mesin tubuhRel pemandu linier yang tepat1 SETTAIWAN HIWIN / TAIWAN shac
Servo dan driver sumbu X, Y1 SETLETRO
pengontrol1 SETFRANCE Schneider
Aksesori tempat tidur mesin1 SETCina
Sistem pemotongan digitalSistem pengontrol1 SETShanghai cypcut / Shanghai Empower
AksesorisPendingin1 SETTeyu
Peralatan daur ulang limbah1 SETCina

Aplikasi Mesin Pemotong Fiber Laser

Bahan Aplikasi: Peralatan Pemotongan Laser Serat cocok untuk pemotongan logam dengan Lembaran Stainless Steel, Pelat Baja Ringan, Lembaran Baja Karbon, Pelat Baja Paduan, Pelat Baja Musim Semi, Pelat Besi, Besi Galvanis, Lembaran Galvanis, Pelat Aluminium, Lembaran Tembaga, Lembaran Kuningan , Plat Perunggu, Plat Emas, Plat Perak, Plat Titanium, Lembaran Logam, Plat Logam, Tabung dan Pipa, dll.

Aplikasi Industri: Mesin Pemotongan Laser Serat banyak digunakan dalam pembuatan Papan Reklame, Iklan, Surat Logam, Surat LED, Perlengkapan Dapur, Surat Iklan, Pemrosesan Lembaran Logam, Komponen dan Suku Cadang Logam, Pemrosesan Rak & Lemari, Kerajinan Logam, Perlengkapan Seni Logam, Lift Pemotongan Panel, dll.

500w fiber Speed misalnya

Bahanm / mnt
baja karbon 1mm8
baja karbon 2mm4.2
baja karbon 3mm2.1
baja karbon 4mm1.2
stainless steel 1mm7.2
stainless steel 1.5mm3
stainless steel 2mm1.8
sheet0.8mm galvanis5
sheet1.2mm galvanis2.6
sheet1.5mm galvanis1.8